Anna Karenina fix

Life Lessons from Russian Literature

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This has just landed on my doormat and I cannot wait to read it. From what I have gleaned from dipping into it, reading the book will be the equivalent of discussing Russian Literature with your funniest friend. And if you don’t have any funny friends, then you really need this book. Fast.

I was lucky enough to sit next to Viv many years ago on a flight back from Moscow. I am a very nervous flyer who experiences something close to a panic attack during turbulence (my husband prefers not to sit next to me during flights), and poor Viv was kind enough to hold my hand and talk me down from my fears of death and destruction during a bit of rough passage (is there a Russian book for that, I wonder?). She was so modest at the time that I had no idea she was such an expert in her field.

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