Nicholas II: Emperor, Tsar, Saint. A conference in Colchester on 27th October, 2018

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This conference was organised by ‘Son of Old Russia’, Paul Gilbert of ‘Royal Russia’. Paul is a tireless devotee of the Romanovs who has laid down his time and energies to celebrate the legacy, monarchy and history of Imperial and Holy Russia.

I travelled from Oxford to the conference, a journey which required taking a train to London Paddington and then travelling across London to Liverpool Street and then catching the Essex-bound train. After a long journey I was pleased to arrive at the airy and beautiful Russian Orthodox Church of St John on Military Road in Colchester, a former garrison church. I was thrilled to see so many attendees and to listen to Paul Gilbert’s welcoming speech and I knew that I had come to a haven.

Father Andrew Phillips gave two very interesting and impassioned talks, as well as Igor Krasnov, Marilyn Swezey and Frances Welch. The latter’s talk was fascinating but its tone was somewhat out-of-sync with the other lectures, being a little salacious in terms of the relations between the Romanovs and their English, German and Danish relations.

I enjoyed chatting with fellow Romanov enthusiasts over lunch and the course of the day. The conference was an event I was glad to attend and I hope to go to many more arranged by Paul Gilbert and Royal Russia


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  1. Darrel R Hoffman

    Nice review. I only wish I could’ve gone. Hopefully, Paul will have one of these conferences on this side of the Pond.

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